The Cab, A Collective

I’ve seen The Cab live more times than I can count, so I decided to put this all into one post.  I first discovered The Cab back in early 2010, at a time when I needed music more than ever.  I had been with my ex for 7 years, and though our on again off again relationship was incredibly toxic, I was still shattered.  One night I was driving around aimlessly, listing to the iPod he gave me on shuffle, searching for solace in a song.  Crying my eyes out, around 3:00 AM, feeling hopeless, broken, and worthless, I heard the opening chords to “Vegas Skies” by The Cab.  Have you ever heard a song and from the opening chords, before even the first lyrics have been sung, and you just know it will be special? That is this song for me.  I drove around from 3:00 AM until the sun came up and my tears finally dried and I listened to that song on repeat the entire time.  Over and over until the lyrics were burning into my brain, and the words started to mend my broken heart.

I’ve seen The Cab live enough times to know how their shows are:  high energy, never quitting, and incredibly intimate all at the same time.  Each time I’ve seen them live it was incredible, and after every show I felt a little piece of my heart mend back into place, even the pieces I didn’t know were still astray.

One of the most memorable shows was one that I got to work.  Back in 2011-12 I got this kick ass gig working at a bar/music venue and my sole job was to work with bands.  Make sure they had everything they needed, and of course making sure they had a great time, and my first night on the job was working with The Cab.  Let me be clear: these guys are some of the greatest human beings I have ever known.  From our very first interaction it was clear they were just here to play music, share their passion with the world, and make people happy.  For this show [like many in my future] I had the option of being at the side of the stage, giving me an unobstructed view, but I couldn’t help but abandon my post and join the crowd.  They were touring to promote their newest album at the time, Symphony Soldier, and being able to hear it live for the first time was life changing.  It was incredible to be surrounded by a room full of strangers, singing songs that in a matter of weeks had already impacted their lives so profoundly.

Post show was just as fun.  The guys all took the time to take pictures and chat with each and every single person that came to their show.  I had seen them do the same a previous shows, and at every show I had been to after that.  It’s incredible, really, to see a band so dedicated to make sure they spent time with the people who supported them.

The Cab may not be together anymore, but those same people live on.  Alex DeLeon, Alex Marshall, and Joey Thunder and all doing incredible things with their talent.  Alex Deleon is working on a solo project, Bohnes, that is so incredible it gives me chills.  Seriously do yourself a favor and go check it out.  Now.  Marshall is also working on a solo project, and just released his first single, Hurricane, and if you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend you go listen.  Seriously so much great music from these two.  Joey is sharing his talents in the form of his art, and he is now selling these custom prints.

Maybe I am biased because I have had the pleasure of getting to know these incredible men, but I believe that even though The Cab may not be together anymore, but the world is still going to see a lot of incredible things from these guys.

“If tonight ever makes a difference

The way that I feel

The way that I’ll remember it”

-Vegas Skies, The Cab



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